COVID-19 Update | Live Coronavirus FL Map

The Florida Department of Health launched a new interactive map that allows the public to keep track of the number of coronavirus cases in each county. Live Florida Coronavirus Dashboard

The Trump administration has proposed $250 billion dollars in direct payments to Americans. The economy appears headed toward a recession. Schools are preparing alternative learning plans as they face long term closure. Suppliers are struggling to get goods to grocery stores.

Johns Hopkins University says there are over 212,000 cases globally and over 8,700 deaths. There are over 7,300 US cases with 115 deaths as expanded testing results pour in. More than 83,000 around the world have recovered.

People 60 and older and those with underlying conditions are at greater risk of severe symptoms. People 80 years and older are at even greater risk of death. Most will show only mild symptoms or none at all.

Hospitals say do not go to the emergency room unless you’re having trouble breathing. The CDC recommends all gatherings be kept to no more than 10 people.

Do you think it took four months for COVID-19 to reach the US, could we be on the back side of this? Are your stores struggling to keep up with the reaction?