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"Damn right, it's frustrating!" 24k Goldn still hasn't sung "Mood" live in concert


24k Goldn has had one of the biggest hits of the past year with his song “Mood,” but because the song blew up during the pandemic, he never actually had a chance to perform it in an actual concert setting.  As he tells ABC Audio, it hasn’t been easy having the hottest song in the country and not being able to sing it live for screaming fans.

“Damn right, it’s frustrating!” he laughs. “I love being on the road and going out and meeting the fans and stuff like that. So, it is what it is. You know, there’s nothing that can really change those circumstances. So I’m just rockin’ and going with the flow.”

“I got faith that when this is over and we can go back to the outside, open world, the shows are going to be 10 times bigger than they were before,” he predicts. “So everything happens for a reason.”

While he’s waiting, the artist, born Golden Landis Von Jones, continues to do virtual performances, but he admits they’re just not the same.

“It’s very different. You know, all the virtual stuff, you don’t get that same give and take as a regular performance. You’re putting all your energy out and the audience is matching that energy and giving it back to you,” he tells ABC Audio. “So with this stuff, it’s been a lot less energy-driven.”

But Goldn says there’s a silver lining: Virtual performances are good practice.

“It’s allowed me to focus a lot more on honing my performance, so that when the time comes — y’know, music festivals and concerts and all that stuff — the performance will be great and the energy from the crowd will just elevate that.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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