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Dan Reynolds: Quarantine has "brought about a lot of creativity" among Imagine Dragons members

Scott Legato/Getty Images

Imagine Dragons is getting creative under quarantine, according to frontman Dan Reynolds

In a series of tweets, Reynolds revealed that the band is “working on something quite special.”

“This isolation has actually brought about a lot of creativity in the 4 of us,” he said.

ID’s most recent album is 2018’s Origins, which was a companion to the band’s mega-hit 2017 album, Evolve.

Reynolds also shared a message of support for those who might be struggling with depression or mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I hope you are doing OK,” he wrote. “I definitely am dealing [with] a little heavier depression. I’ve been told this is [very] normal in a situation like this.”

“I just wanted to share so u aren’t alone it,” he added. “We got this. Things will look up soon. I love you. Don’t be ashamed to speak to ur parents/friend.”

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