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DeathbyRomy – Day I Die

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Lyrics –
Love is god
For the freaks
We’re a mess
But we’re sweet
Holy hell
Crooks and thieves
We don’t pray
On our knees
Wild blood baby I’m a demon
Running from my demons
tryna sleep at night
Light me up I’m tryna feel something just wanna feel something before I die
Powerless until I feel your pain
You got something sweet and I want it in my veins
Take all of me make me feel again
You got something sick and I know
I’ll always want it til the day I die
Like Gasoline
I love the taste Watch me burn Up in flames
Bring me to life And back again
Watching you Watching me
Were here to die
We’re free to bleed I love your taste It’s ecstasy
You’re so fucked up You’re just like me

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