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Demi Lovato debuts Vevo Official Live performance of “EAT ME”

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Courtesy VEVO

The latest song from Demi Lovato‘s new album HOLY FVCK to get the Vevo Official Live Performances treatment is “EAT ME.” 

For the performance, Demi is joined by their collaborator on the track, Royal & the Serpent, the stage name of singer Ryan Santiago. It begins with Demi dressed in red, singing while kneeling on a red-carpeted platform under a low, flickering, green-lit gridded ceiling.

Strobe lights, drums and guitars kick in, Demi sings the chorus, and then we see Royal & the Serpent seen singing her part while lying face down on the carpet. She eventually gets up and then she and Demi join together for a couple more run-throughs of the chorus.

“EAT ME” is about the pressure Demi’s felt throughout their career to conform to other people’s notions of what a female pop star should be. “Is this what you’d all prefer?/Would you like me better if I was still her?” she sings. “I know the girl that you adored/She’s dead, it’s time to f**king mourn/I can’t spoon-feed you anymore/Dinner’s served, it’s on the floor/You’ll have to eat me as I am.”

This is the second Vevo Official Life performance Demi’s done around this album; the first was for “29.”

“I knew I wanted to showcase my new music in a unique way for my fans, both visually and sonically,” they say in a statement. “So when an Original Live Performance with Vevo was on the table, I immediately started to brainstorm creatively – the lighting, the room design, my look and outfits, how to incorporate our incredible female live band – all of it!”

(Video contains uncensored profanity)

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