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Demi Lovato says now that she's revealed her assaults, she can "really heal"

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In Demi Lovato‘s new docuseries Dancing with the Devil, she says that not only was she sexually assaulted by her drug dealer the night she overdosed in 2018, but she was also assaulted at age of 15 by someone she knew, who never faced any consequences. But now that she’s revealed this trauma, Demi tells People magazine that she can “really heal.”

“Sometimes people hear my music from when I was a teenager and they’re like, ‘Oh, you were so angry.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, and now you guys get to see why I was so angry,'” Demi tells People.

Demi also shares that “knowing that people have seen” her talk about her trauma is “freeing.”

“It’s empowering. It’s liberating,” she adds. “And it really lets that anger that was inside of me dissolve. I had let go of a lot of the anger beforehand, but this was kind of just the final send-off, like, okay, I can really heal from this now.”

“Now that I’ve talked about it and now that I know that other people could hear my story, I just hope that it helps people,” says Demi. “Sexual abuse is something that people feel is taboo to talk about and to come forward about, but I want to show people that you can, and it’s okay.”

The first two episodes of Dancing with the Devil are streaming now on YouTube.

By Andrea Dresdale
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