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Demi Lovato teases “Substance” music video, requires stitches ahead of TV appearance

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation

Demi Lovato‘s new song “Substance” is set to be released on Friday, but until then they’re giving fans a teaser of the upcoming music video.

Taking to Instagram Wednesday, they shared a snippet that showed various clips from the forthcoming visuals and wrote, “F*** the theatrics, what happened to classic? Did you Pre-Save?”

The video flashes between scenes of Demi in a board room tossing papers and taking a baseball bat to photos on the wall before falling backwards from the building’s ledge. They then appears walking down the street as paparazzi flashes fill the background. 

“Substance” comes one month after the singer-songwriter released “Skin of My Teeth.” Both tracks are expected to appear on Demi’s forthcoming eighth studio album, HOLY F***, which is due out August 19. 

In other Demi news, it’s a good thing they’ve already filmed the video, because the singer has accidentally given themselves a nasty-looking facial wound. 

Using the viral “They’re gonna know” sound for a TikTok showing off the wound above their left eyebrow, they wrote in the caption, “Guess who hit their head on a crystal and has to get stitches before Kimmel tomorrow???”  They punctuated the TikTok by mouthing the word “F***!” 

Demi appears on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight.

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