Brooke & Jubal

Disney Releases Update on Theme Park Opening

Disney is making plans to reopen its theme parks after concerns over coronavirus forced the company to close.  The House of Mouse gave us some clues on its plans to reopen.  Social distancing, capacity, cleanliness, and employee safety will be of concern to the company.  As far as when the parks will reopen, the thinking is that the locations will more than likely open the restaurants and retail stores at the parks first before opening the theme park as a whole. The company has already announced plans to reopen Disneyland in Shanghai, China, next week with extensive rules for entry and social distancing.

The coronavirus lockdown has cost Disney more than $1.4 billion so far thanks to shuttered theme parks and movie theaters. The company missed its quarterly profit goals, sending its stock price down another three percent after the announcement.  Analysts already expect the company to take an even bigger financial hit next quarter.