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Doja Cat releases intergalactic music video for “Get Into It (Yuh)”

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What wouldn’t Doja Cat do for her precious kitty?  To answer that burning question, the Grammy nominee takes fans on a ride through space with her brand new music video for “Get Into It (Yuh).”

The video centers on Doja, the captain of a sexually charged spaceship, who learns that her beloved pet has been kidnapped. She and her scantily-clad team try bargaining with the ugly space aliens, but it appears they only want one thing — a trade. They will only surrender the cat if Doja takes its place.

The “Kiss Me More” singer comes up with a ruse and suits up in an orange jumpsuit before jumping into the portal leading to the enemy’s ship.  She is escorted by a team of spear-wielding men — which she playfully uses as a metaphor for something else.

The big bad, who is menacingly stroking Doja’s cat, thinks the singer has fallen into his trap and orders his lackeys to start shooting.  But they are incapacitated by Doja’s twerking soldiers.  Meanwhile, the singer deflects their lasers using her bikini-like armor and some well-timed pelvic thrusts and kicks.

With no one left to protect the big bad, Doja is able to rescue her cat — but only after she knocks the villain out with a well-deserved fist.

“Get Into It (Yuh)” is the latest single off Doja’s Grammy-nominated Planet Her album after blowing up on TikTok.  The single pays tribute to Nicki Minaj, but despite being name dropped in the catchy song, the rapper does not cameo in the music short.

Nicki mentioned in September that she was asked to feature on the song, but declined because she felt she “couldn’t bring anything to it.”  The two have yet to collab.

(Note Language: Video contains uncensored profanity)


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