Drake Avoids Repeating History and Promotes Meek Mill’s ‘Championships’ Album

Drake learned his lesson and made sure this time around, he promoted Meek Mill’s new album on his social media platform.
In case you forgot, that is what ignited the feud between the two men back in 2015.
Well Drake has learned his lesson and made sure he posted on his social media platforms the album cover to Meek’s album with the caption, Meek Mill new album out now. Find me on #9. I know they sick now congrats broski.
Social media of course had fun at Drake’s expense. Most people were saying that Drake didn’t want any issues with Meek and that’s why he posted his album on his social media.
In a recent interview, Meek said that he and Drake had been communicating even before he went to jail.
What is your favorite song from Meek’s new album?