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Dua Lipa may use quarantine to think about where she "wants to go next"

Hugo Comte/Warner Records

Despite being quarantined in an Airbnb in London with her boyfriend, Dua Lipa still managed to release her hotly anticipated second album, Future Nostalgia, and create memorable TV performances to promote it.  And, as she tells GQ, she’s plotting her next musical move.

As part of GQ’s Creativity in the Time of Quarantine feature, Dua says that the one thing she’s learned about herself creatively since lockdown started is that she’s “quite antsy.”

“I have to get out of bed and create a routine. I might be a little OCD with that kind of stuff,” she adds. “People have been asking, ‘Have you been making music during this time?’ I haven’t. But this is a good time to start thinking about where I want to go next.”

But first, Dua has to finish promoting Future Nostalgia.  Following the hits “Don’t Start Now” and “Break My Heart,” she says she’s all ready to launch more singles.

“We’ve banked a lot of images for other single covers.” she explains. “And we’re creating other visuals from home. If it comes to it, I’ll pull a super-’90s green-screen performance.”

“I saw Drake post a video, which looked green-screened — [with someone] on the wing of a plane,” she laughs. “If that’s what it’s going to come to, so be it!”

On the personal side of things, Dua says suddenly having to live 24/7 with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid means they’re learning a lot about each other.

“I’m a lot more organized and Anwar’s maybe…not so much, so together we make a really good team,” she notes. “I think love is also letting go of control.”

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