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Dua Lipa sees the "upside" to quarantine, but it probably won't influence her music

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If anyone can see the positive side to this quarantine, it’s Dua Lipa.

Sure, she had to cancel her tour, but she was still able to lift people’s spirits while in lockdown with the April release of the highly danceable sophomore album, Future Nostalgia. She also got to spend some unplanned quality time with her boyfriend of a year, Anwar Hadid.

In a new interview with Elle UK, Dua says, “We’ve made the most of the situation. I’d probably have been planning to go on tour, and thinking about when we’d be able to see each other. Having all that extra time was really nice. We’re trying to see the bright side.”

The singer also recognizes the positive effects on a broader, environmental scale.

“It felt like, while we were taking a break, we were also taking a break from what we’re doing to our Earth,” she says.

She adds, “It’s difficult to think of upsides when there has been so much suffering. But we have to try to stay positive, and see the connection that we have with other people; calling our friends and our family and spending a little bit of time outside in the sunshine. Those are the things to be grateful for in the midst of everything that’s happening.”

But while she believes some good will come out of all this, Dua says she’s not sure she’ll want to relive this time in her music.

“Of course, this is a major moment in history that we will never forget, but I don’t know whether that’s going to influence where my music is going to go next,” she says. “I think I’m probably just going to carry on and try to take my mind off things.”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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