Dwyane Wade Tells Oprah He Had to Convince Gabrielle Union to Pursue Surrogacy After Multiple Miscarriages

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union sat down with Oprah Winfrey on Saturday night  to talk about the journey they took to welcome their daughter. Kaavia James into the world.
Gabrielle talked to Oprah about Adenomyosis. It is a condition that causes endometrial tissue to grow into the uterine wall. The only cure for it is a hysterectomy. This is condition that prevented her from getting pregnant.
Gabrielle never wanted to be a mom until she became a stepmom to Dwyane’s son’s and nephew that he is raising.
Dwyane Wade said he became concerned because he felt that the methods that Gabrielle Union was putting her body through in order to have a baby was turning dangerous.
It was his idea to turn to a surrogate.
Gabrielle Union shared with Oprah that she received a lot of backlash on her journey toward motherhood and she hopes that now that they have opened up and shared their story it will erase the stigma around using a surrogate.
Have you considered adoption or surrogacy?