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Ed Sheeran wanted to make ‘=’ a double album, says manager

Atlantic Records

Ed Sheeran‘s new album = (Equals), due out Friday, has a hefty 14 tracks on it, but if Ed had gotten his way, it would’ve had twice that many.

Speaking to Music Week, Ed’s manager Stuart Camp says, “One individual who shall remain nameless – Ed Sheeran – always wants to do a double album, whereas I’m not a fan.”

Explaining why he wouldn’t let Ed do it, Camp explains, “I just think double albums are [made by] people with weak quality control. I think having a confined number of songs that are just, ‘Bang, bang, bang’ all the way is the way to go, then you have material for your next record ready to go.”

That’s why Camp says that = (Equals) is essentially the first installment of a two-album campaign: Ed has so many songs left over that he plans to release the second installment sometime before 2024.

Meanwhile, in celebration of the release of = (Equals), Spotify is launching Experience EQUALS to help fans connect even more with the songs as they listen. It’ll include exclusive content, personal videos from Ed and more

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