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Ellie Goulding didn't remotely fancy her future husband when they first met

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It wasn’t love at first sight for Ellie Goulding when she met her future husband Caspar Jopling.  In fact, the “Close to Me” singer revealed that she felt the opposite of attraction when the two awkwardly met at a mutual friend’s dinner party.

“It wasn’t like a love at first sight thing at all, we didn’t fancy each other remotely,” dished Goulding on Wednesday’s episode of Jessie Ware‘s Table Manners podcast.

“We were sat next to each other at a dinner,” the 33-year-old detailed. “My friend wanted to put a dinner on for me.  Some people just like to put dinners on, which I think is lovely, and introduce people to each other.”

Despite feeling under the weather and suffering “from a bit of bronchitis” at the time, Goulding toughed it out for her friend, which paid off in the end.

However, upon meeting Jopling and making polite small talk at the table, the two discovered they had little to nothing in common. 

“I was sat next to Caspar at dinner and he was from a big farming family and I talked about how I was vegan,” Goulding sheepishly admitted. “And he talked about how much he loved meat, beef and chicken, lamb and… whatever else.”

Even though they were polar opposites, they still managed to click, with the Grammy nominee confessing that “he wooed me.”

Awkward first meeting aside, Jopling went on a mission to make it up to Ellie by turning up the romance when going out on dates, such as whisking her away to different art galleries.  

Then, as a wedding present, Caspar recorded a song with Ellie’s favorite artist, Bjork.  “It was the weirdest emotion I’ve ever felt listening to music,” she declared, adding he sings “beautifully.”

The two tied the knot August 31, 2019.

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