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Ellie Goulding reveals how she’s dealing with quarantine as a newlywed

John Rainford/GC Images

Ellie Goulding says quarantine has proved just how strong her marriage to Caspar Jopling really is.

The two haven’t even been married a year, having tied the knot last August, but Ellie tells Glamour UK she’s impressed with how they’re handling their time in self-isolation.

“I can honestly say that we haven’t come to blows, we haven’t stormed out of the house or vice versa, and I’m grateful for that,” she says. “It’s probably not ideal straight after you get married to suddenly be completely forced together, but it’s been actual evidence that we can just coexist really peacefully and really happily.”

She adds that it helps that they’ve always had a “mature” relationship.

“We talk things through, and we never argue,” Ellie says. “If we have differences, we talk them out; we don’t just say, ‘Well, I’m right and you’re wrong and we’ll just agree to differ.’ We talk about why we might disagree on something.”

Ellie, who’s 33, learned from the dating mistakes she made in her 20s, and now says, “I’m having so much more of a better time in my 30s because I’ve realized everything that I did wrong and now I can correct it.”

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