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Ellie Goulding's new two-sided album Brightest Blue features "self-discovery" and "playfulness"

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Ellie Goulding‘s new album Brightest Blue, her first since 2015’s Delirium, is out today.  She says it’s a big departure from Delirium in that it’s “totally her” — with a little bit of “big pop star” thrown in.

Delirium was…like a big pop venture for me,” She tells ABC News. “I wanted to do a big world tour with all these dancers…all these costumes and all these crazy screens, because I was like, ‘Maybe I am meant to be one of the big pop stars.'”

“And then I realized…that as much as I was really embracing being this ‘character,’ that…it was like, ‘This is not who I am at all as an artist.'”

But Brightest Blue has a Side A and a Side B, which means Ellie is giving fans two sides of herself.

“This album has been a chance for me to have one side that is totally me…and then side B is slightly more ‘the character,'” she explains. “So, I’ve been able to separate the two for the first time, which is, to me, such a sigh of relief.”

“Side A is…like a story about…self-discovery,” she adds. “There’s so much more playfulness on side B.” 

Specifically, she say, Side B is “more feel-good dance,” while Side A is “more sort of biographical.”

Ellie’s performing on ABC’s Good Morning America today — socially-distanced, of course — but she thinks this just might be the future of live music.

“I feel like people have had the opportunity to be with their favorite artists in the house, and that’s…never happened before, where people have had that unprecedented..access to their favorite artists,” she notes.

“So maybe people will get to a point where they just want to see that from now on!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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