Brooke and Jeffrey

PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (02/12/21)

Jose is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: According to….. the Number 40 is one of the numbers with strong meaning. It symbolizes your own personal attractiveness and charm…and means that people generally like you and love to be in your presence.

If you see this number a lot (maybe at bus stops, on sports jerseys… or even on your bar tab)… it could mean that you drink a lot… but it could also mean that something powerful is headed your way.

That’s why today – since we are nearing Valentine’s Day… the number “40” will appear to you many times. (beware) I will ask you 4 V-Day questions… and on each one, you will have 30 seconds to discuss, then tell me if your answer is above or below 40%….are you ready?

Over/Under – 40% of people will buy Valentines Day Gifts at Discount stores this year?

Over/Under – 40% will plan a special dinner or celebration at home?

Over/Under – 40% of annual flower sales, happen Around Valentines Day?

Over/Under – 40% say it’s OK to go on a first date on Valentines Day?

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