Brooke and Jeffrey

PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (06/29/21)

Brooke is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: It’s funny that Jeff talked about chocolate, because “National Milk Chocolate Day” is coming up! It’s happens on July 7th, which marks the anniversary of when Chocolate was first brought over to Europe. (July 7th, 1550) 

So to celebrate I’m gonna give you FOUR Chocolate Fun Facts, and you have to tell me if they’re TRUE or they’re FALSE. 

All Four could be FACTUAL…. or… it’s possible ALL FOUR are made up…. OR… a mixture of something in between. 

FACT 1: During the Civil War, soldiers who fought for freedom, were paid in chocolate… because it was one of the only things that wouldn’t SPOIL when they were out on the battlefield.

FACT 2: In 18th century France… High Profile prisoners, who were set to be executed, were given the option of HOW they preferred to be killed… among their option were: Guillotine, Firing Squad, or DEATH BY CHOCOLATE. (Where they were drowned in a vat of liquid chocolate)

FACT 3: During World War 2… The Nazis came up with an elaborate plot to assassinate British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill… Their plan was to send him a chocolate covered bomb.

FACT 4: The Girl Scouts have been widely credited with inventing the recipe for the S’more… But, historical data… suggests the very FIRST S’more was actually created by Abraham Lincoln. It was a delicacy that he had White House chefs prepare for him before big speeches.

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