Brooke and Jeffrey

PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (09/22/20)

Alexis is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: Today marks the official start of Autumn and to honor that, I have a trio of fall celebrations from different cultures from around the world and you need to tell me which ones are true and which ones I made up.

#1. China celebrates Autumn with the Moon Festival where your primary goal that day is to eat as many lotus-bean paste filled “Moon cakes” as possible. If you can get 13, the same number of months in the lunar calendar, you’ll have good luck all season long.

#2. In Hokkaido Japan (North Japan), people celebrate the transition of summer to fall by dressing up and doing their makeup to look like their dead ancestors in order to re-enact family photos. Yikes!

#3. February has the Puxatawney groundhog, but September has the Banner Elk, North Carolina wooly worm! Every year on the first day of Fall, townspeople gather to watch the mayor flip over a specially selected tree worm…. and the colors on its belly predict if the town will have a mild or harsh winter.

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