Brooke and Jeffrey

PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (10/19/20)

Brooke is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: Not too long ago we witnessed KFC teaming up with Crocs to create shoes that look like Fried chicken! Then Pizza Hut expanded their merch to partner with a clothing company to make personal pepperoni pizza scarfs. Both items -straight fire. But some companies haven’t been so lucky when it comes to food brand extensions. Today… Digital Jake will tell you five food mashups that MAY OR MAY NOT have happened over the years. You need to tell me which ones are real and which are made up.

Colgate Kitchen Entrees (microwaved meals from Colgate)
Gatorade Citrus Body Wash
Cosmopolitan Magazine Greek Yogurt
Pillsbury Frozen Microwave Popcorn
Snickers Candy Bar Sneakers

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