Brooke and Jeffrey

Shock Collar Question of the Day (03/10/22)

Today is March 10th, aka MAR 10 aka MARIO DAY, where fans of Nintendo’s favorite mushroom loving Italian… celebrate all things Mario. So to celebrate, we’re doing a 4-player Mario One and Done Shock!

Alexis: Mario is best known for being a plumber, but when he first appeared in Donkey Kong back in the early 80’s…Whats was his original job? Chef construction worker, or carpenter?

Brooke: During the 30th anniversary, the creator of Mario told his fans that his full name was what… Mario Linguini.. Mario Mario… or Mario Romano?

Jose: How old is Mario supposed to be? Mid- 20’s, mid- 30’s, or mid-40’s?

Jeffrey: Which of the following titles is NOT an official Mario game: Mario vs Luigi, Mario Teaches Typing, or Super 3D Mario Land?

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