Brooke and Jeffrey

Shock Collar Question of the Day (03/17/22)

It’s St. Patrick’s Day… And in honor of Saint. Patrick…We’re all going to participate in a special Four-Leaf Clover One and Done Shock! Each of you will be asked a St. Patty’s Day question…

Alexis: The first St. Patty’s Day parade didn’t take place in Ireland, it actually happened in the U.S. The first year was 1737 but what city was it in…. New York, Boston, or Chicago?

Brooke: St. Patty’s Day is he 4th most popular drinking holiday of the year, NYE is #1, and Christmas is #2… What’s the #3 most popular drinking holiday of the year?

Jose: A new survey asked people to name the BEST things to ever come out of Ireland, please put these things in order: Irish lore, Irish accent, and Guinness beer.

Jeffrey: Which of these actors is NOT Irish… Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, or Pierce Brosnan?

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