Brooke and Jeffrey

Shock Collar Question of the Day (04/26/22)

Today is Hug an Australian Day!

Since we don’t have any Australian’s in arms length, we’ll be doing everyone’s favorite activity, a Thunder From Down Under Australian Slangin’ and Bangin’ One and Done Shock!

Each of you will be given a piece of unique Australian Slang and you’ll have to tell me what it really means.

Alexis: If you’re wearing Tracky Dacks what are you wearing? Sandals, athletic socks or sweatpants?

Brooke: If you’re drinking Goon in Australia are you consuming “outback moonshine,” boxed win, or beer with high alcohol content?

Jose: If you’re in an Australian elementary school…And a child raises their hand and says “teacher, I accidentally made a blue”… What does that mean?

Jeffrey: What are you doing if you’re giving an Aussie Salute? Are you waving flies away from your face, flipping someone off or giving someone the hang loose sign?

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