Brooke and Jeffrey

Shock Collar Question of the Day (07/22/22)

It’s the Game Show that INSTANTLY makes your drunk Uncle sober, and your sober Grandma want to Drink again… it’s called: “Guess It, or Mess It”.

A very simple game for the AVERAGE PERSON… but remember, we’re Radio People… so for us… it’s a struggle to think of ONE. WORD. HINTS.

And The rules again are simple: one of your co-hosts has a phrase on a piece of paper and you have 30 seconds to guess it through amateur clues from someone who may or may not have graduated middle school.

Get it right before the timer runs out and you’re golden, get it wrong and you’ll face the sticky consequences.

Yesterday our theme gave you some trouble, it was “Two-words sports terms” and Today’s theme is: