Brooke and Jeffrey

Shock Collar Question of the Day (07/23/21)

Jeffrey is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: The summer games have been going on for over 125 years and throughout that time there have been a lot of changes. Venues have gotten bigger… the medals are shinier… and the pools, Im pretty sure are wetter.

But one thing that we know that has changed quite a bit over time are the events. In front of me, I have a list of 4 of them that may or may not have happened. You’ll have 30 seconds to discuss each one… and tell me whether you think it was a real challenge during the Olympics… or is it made it up.

Your first event: Shout Fighting. In this event, competitors would step to a podium, one at a time and yell as loud as they could in front of a sound level meter for ten seconds. The Olympian whose noise registered the highest reading in decibels would win. Is that a REAL or FAKE Olympic event?

Your next event: Solo Synchronized swimming. Instead of choreographing a water dance with a group, these competitors swam-danced with themselves and synchronized to the music rather than with partners. Was that event REAL or FAKE?

Your next event: Live Pigeon Shooting. Rather than using clay pigeons, this event used live birds and the medal winner was whoever shot the most pigeons. Was this a REAL Olympic event or FAKE?

Finally: Equestrian ballet. As the horse goes through an Olympic obstacle course, classical music is played while the rider (who is on top of the horse), performs pirouettes, headstands and all sort of acrobatic activity. There were many injuries.Was that event REAL or FAKE?

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