Brooke and Jeffrey

Shock Collar Question of the Day (08/06/21)

Jose is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: In honor of the absolutely biblical rager we’re throwing at Jose’s new apartment tonight, I thought it might be fun to brush up on some global cultural celebrations to get into a rowdy mood. So today – I have four different types of parties from around the world and I’ll describe them to you and you’ll have 30 seconds to tell me if that’s a REAL RAGER or a FAKE FIESTA… Are you ready?

#1 Barn-ival – The name is a play on the Brazillian “Carnival” this celebration takes place in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish Country, where once a year the Amish (for a small fee) welcome guests from outside their culture… to view barn raisings, a carriage parade, and more! Is this a real rager or a fake fiesta?

#2 The Battle of the Orangesin Italy– billed as the largest food fight on the Amalfi Coast. The townspeople split into two teams: revolutionaries and the army, and throw oranges at each other from horse drawn carriages…. for three whole days. It’s a re-enactment of the battle that freed the city from an oppressive ruler.Is that a real rager or a fake fiesta?

#3 The Human Tower festival in Spain – the celebration takes place every two years, where thousands of drunk people flock to a small Spanish town to see which teams can make up the tallest human towers in the world, by standing on one another’s shoulders. Some even go as high as 10 stories!! Is that a real rager or a Fake fiesta?

#4 Beacon of Grótta in Iceland –Every year, the people in a small Icelandic city build a full size lighthouse on the coast, then use large pieces of paper to write down their goals for the upcoming year. On New Year’s eve, they pile the paper into the lighthouse, then burn the whole thing down in a tradition that is supposed to attract the attention of the gods. Is that real rager or a fake fiesta?

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