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“Fancy Like” singer Walker Hayes stole his dad’s credit card to eat at…guess where

Robert Chavers

Walker Hayes‘ viral hit “Fancy Like” is known as the “Applebee’s song” because in the lyrics, he not only mentions eating at the chain restaurant, but also name checks specific menu items like Bourbon Street Steak. But Walker says he didn’t mention those things because he hoped Applebee’s would use the song in an ad or anything — he was simply describing something he and his wife Lainey have been doing for decades.

“Lainey and I have been going to Applebee’s since we were 17,” Walker tells ABC Audio. “I was stealing my dad’s credit card in high school all the time, going to Applebee’s, getting steak against his wishes!”

“Steak was up there, the price tag on the Bourbon Street Steak,” he recalls. “Dad wasn’t likin’ that.  But it was so good!”

Of course, since that Applebee’s did end up using the song in an ad — which Walker claims he never saw coming — he and his family can now eat all the Bourbon Street Steak they ever wanted.

“Lainey and I love Applebee’s. We’re so grateful that Applebee’s is winning from this song,” he tells ABC Audio. “It sounds silly…but I had no idea that Applebee’s would benefit from a silly song like this. But I love that they are, and I love that they’re making us feel, y’know, a part of the family.”

Walker’s latest single “U Gurl” also has a TikTok dance to go with it.

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