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Florida State back on AP Top 25 after insane 45-3 win over UM, leads to intense clash of fans

The scene of a sold out Hard Rock Stadium for one of the biggest rivalries in college football left fans in chaos after Florida State shattered the scoreboard, unexpectedly climbing to 21-3 way before halftime, leaving Miami fans in complete dismay.

Florida State surpassed expectations and scored bowl eligibility for the first time under coach Mike Norvell by defeating UM 45-3.

Miami stands at borderline risk of not qualifying for postseason since 2007.

In order to qualify for a bowl, Miami must win at least 2 of their scheduled three remaining games against Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Pittsburgh.

Florida State has three remaining scheduled games in the season, and will face Syracuse this Saturday, Louisiana on November 19, and will play off in Tallahassee against their ultimate rival November 25 with the University of Florida.