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#FreeBritney: More details from the hearing that ended Britney’s conservatorship

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After nearly 14 years, it took less than 40 minutes in court for an L.A. County Judge to free Britney Spears today.

Judge Brenda Penny said “a conservatorship of the person and the estate of Britney Jean Spears is no longer required.” 

She acknowledged there’s no reason to believe Britney lacks the capacity to make her own decisions, and pointed out all parties involved agree with termination. Each party was eventually called upon by the judge to verbally affirm that they supported termination, including Britney’s parents.

And the judge agreed to the two caveats to the termination that Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart outlined “in Britney Spears’ best interest”: something of a “safety net” as he referred to it, to ensure Britney has the support she needs, financially and personally, to succeed.

Prior to the hearing, a termination plan and a care plan were submitted to the court under seal; details were not discussed in the courtroom.

The temporary Conservator of the Estate, John Zabel, who was appointed six weeks ago when Britney’s father Jamie was suspended, will continue to work on Britney’s behalf in an administrative capacity.  Rosengart described Zabel as becoming “a concierge service for her financial safety and well-being.”

The Conservator of Person, Jodi Montgomery, according to her attorney, will stay in Britney’s life to help her transition. Montgomery’s attorney said her client believes Britney can live a “safe, happy and fulfilling life.”

Rosengart told ABC News as he left the courtroom “I tried to keep it simple.” And he did. He repeated Britney’s own pleas to the court earlier this year, quoting her as saying, for example, “I just want my life back.”

Future court hearings were scheduled for December 8 and January 19 to tie up additional loose ends.

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