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Goodbye To The Choco Taco

Klondike has announced some devastating news.  They have made the decision to discontinue the beloved ‘Choco Taco’.

Because of a spike in demand for other products, Klondike had to make some cuts to keep up with production.

The Choco Taco made it’s debut in the early 80’s with a fairly simple recipe: taco-shaped waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream with chocolate rivulets mixed in, topped with hardened chocolate sauce and peanuts.  It has since become a house-hold name, and a fan-favorite of the Klondike brand.

If you’ve never had one, hurry!  According to sources, there are Choco Tacos left post-discontinuation decision. You can also make a DIY version to literally eat your feelings by following this recipe.


RIP Choco Taco.  We’ll never forget you.

Photo Credit: Klondike