Got Left Over Candy? Here Are Three Fun Recipes

If you’ve somehow ended up with a ton of extra candy after this Halloween weekend, don’t let those sweet treats go to waste. Recycle them into a new dish.
Delish suggests making a Milky Way Hot Mess, which features pieces of the candy bar chopped up into a devil’s food cake, then baked in a skillet with more candy sprinkled on top.
Candy corn is often hated during this holiday, but Food Nasty has a recipe that works them into biscotti.
With some frosting, chocolate wafer or fudge-stripe cookies, and miniature peanut butter cups, you could be on your way to creating Peanut Butter Pilgrim Hats, thanks to the people in Hallmark’s kitchen.
How long does it take you to go through your (or your kids’) Halloween haul?