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Gwen Stefani's back on 'The Voice,' armed with t-shirt cannon, new music & a peek at Kelly's new album

Trae Patton/NBC

Season 19 of The Voice returns tonight on NBC, and so does Gwen Stefani, who hasn’t coached the show since season 17.  Because COVID-19 prohibits any physical interaction between coaches and contestants, Gwen’s had to come up with a unique workaround.

“Since we are being safe and we’re not touching or kissing or hugging…I got myself a t-shirt cannon…to release [a] shirt to my team…when they choose me!” Gwen laughs. “I feel like I’m pretty good shot… and I think it was a very, very creative solution to an unfortunate situation where there is no touching.”

Speaking of being creative, Gwen says since the new season started taping, she’s been writing new music, and she thinks the two are connected.

“I think it’s just really inspiring to be here and listen to all the music, see[ing] all the talent just sparks something in me,” she explains. “So I started writing songs and it’s the greatest thing ever! And we’re doing it on Zoom, which is not the greatest thing ever, but…we’re doing it!”

Also inspiring to Gwen, she says, has been the new music that fellow coach Kelly Clarkson shared with her during quarantine.

“I got to hear some of her new record and that was super-inspiring,” gushes Gwen. “She is doing stuff that, like, whoever loves Kelly Clarkson, like I do, they’re gonna really like what she’s doing right now. It’s very real…it’s just really good.”

But Gwen says The Voice offers inspiration to everyone.

“I think that in this time, people being kind of like worried, scared, maybe some people are uninspired,” she notes. “I think that being able to sit down and watch a show that’s so inspiring will bring inspiration to people. It will definitely bring joy.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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