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Hailey Bieber reveals she will never “give up on” husband Justin Bieber

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Hailey Bieber said she will never abandon husband Justin Bieber, no matter the obstacle or challenge.

When speaking to the In Good Faith podcast, the couple discussed the various struggles they’ve faced during their three-year marriage and how they survived them.

Hailey opened up about watching the pop star struggle with his mental health during their first year of marriage, saying she called her mother, Kennya Baldwin, and admitted to her through tears, “I just can’t do it. There’s no way that I’m going to be able to do this if it’s going to be like this forever.”

The model recalls the encouraging words her mother had for her, which helped her realize “we had a lot of support.”

“I feel like if I didn’t have support, it would’ve been 10 times harder, and it was already the hardest thing in my life,” Hailey continued. “I made a decision. I know for a fact that I’ve loved this person for a very long time and now would not be the time to give up on him. I just wouldn’t do that to him.”

“Imagine abandoning somebody in the middle of the worst time of their life,” continued Hailey, 24. “I’m not that type of a person. I was going to stick it out no matter what the outcome was going to be.”

Even so, she admitted that watching her husband struggle “was really hard.” But she credited their mutual stubbornness — as well as love their for one another — as the reason why they chose to stay together, saying, “I think neither of us were going to be the person to say, ‘I quit.'”

“Hailey accepted me as I was,” added Justin. “I could cry thinking about it, to be honest.”

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