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Halsey opens up about her bipolar journey in YouTube's Artist Spotlight Stories

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In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Halsey is sitting down for an unfiltered conversation about bipolar disorder.

The singer, who released her album Manic earlier this year, offers a glimpse into her personal mental health journey with licensed therapist Dr. Snehi Kapur, as part of YouTube Music’s Artist Spotlight Stories.

“I really want to give my audience who maybe doesn’t know that much about bipolar disorder a chance to better understand it, maybe learn a few things or discover some resources and perspectives. That’s why we are here,” Halsey explains at the start of the video.

Together, Halsey and Dr. Kapur discuss what bipolar disorder is, public perception of mental illness in general, the challenges of maintaining relationships, and how to be an ally to someone with a mental health disorder.

The video directs viewers to donate to The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance through a YouTube Giving donate button on the watch page.

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