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Halsey praises little brother for "being out protesting every single day"

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Halsey has taken to Instagram to give kudos to her younger brother, Sevian Frangipane, and the action he’s taken to fight for social justice.

Halsey posted a photo of herself posing next to Sevian, and writes, “just want to take a minute to say how proud I am of my little brother @sevianfrangipane for finding his voice and being out protesting every single day. keep your family close right now if you’re lucky enough to have them to rely on.”

The singer, who is bi-racial, continues, “if you are NON-BLACK and: married to a black person, the parent of a black child, or the child of a black parent, or any other interfamilial relationship with a black person, then this is a time to let them talk when they feel like talking.”

“Listen and listen with love” she adds. “Don’t assume they aren’t upset because they haven’t expressed issues or traumas in the past. A lot of repressed feelings and memories may be uncovered right now. Receive it with grace empathy and promise to learn or change where need be.”

Halsey herself has been actively protesting, and recently posted photos and videos of participants being tear-gassed, and photos of herself tending to protesters who’d been shot with rubber bullets.

“I have first hand treated men women and children who have been shot in the chest, the face, the back,” she captioned the images. “Some will lose vision some have lost fingers. I have been covered in innocent blood. My father is a black man. My mother is an EMT. This week I had to put those two associations together in ways that have horrified me.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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