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Happy National Junk Food Day – Florida Favorite Junk Food Is What?

Favorite Snacks

Happy National Junk Food Day.

Fun Food Facts:

  • Oreos are beloved- 5 states reach for Oreos before anything else.
  • All the “itos” chips (Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos) made the map.
  • Missouri’s favorite treat, Grandma’s Cookies are a brand, not their actual grandma’s cookies- Although I’m sure those are good, too.
  • Most snacks were some state’s favorites. But no one likes Butterfingers, Hi-Chews, MMs’s, Reese’s, and Twizzlers the best. This is definite proof that some states’ have crummy taste. Really, Alaska, you’d rather have a granola bar than Reese’s? I get Hi-Chew not being anyone’s favorite, but MM’s are awesome.
  • Why does the Midwest like sunflower seeds so much? Both North Dakota and Wyoming’s favorite treats are sunflower seeds.
  • Sweet wins over salty- 29 states’ favorite snack is sweet.

Each States’ Favorite Junk Food

State Favorite Junk Food
Alabama Ruffles
Alaska Granola bars
Arizona Cheez Its
Arkansas Doritos
California Cheetos
Colorado Cosmic Brownies
Connecticut Oreos
Delaware Fritos
Florida Mini Doughnuts
Georgia Lays chips
Hawaii Oreo
Idaho Cliff Bars
Illinois Skinny Pop
Indiana Pringles
Iowa Pringles
Kansas Nutter Butter
Kentucky Fritos
Louisiana PayDay
Maine Ritz Crackers
Maryland Oreos
Massachusetts Crunch Bar
Michigan Sour Patch Kids
Minnesota Snickers
Mississippi Twinkie
Missouri Grandma’s Cookies
Montana Rice Krispy Treats
Nebraska Fritos
Nevada Kit Kat
New Hampshire Almond Joy
New Jersey Oreo
New Mexico Beef Jerky
New York Chips Ahoy
North Carolina Starburst
North Dakota Sunflower seeds
Ohio Starburst
Oklahoma Sour Patch Kids
Oregon Kettle chips
Pennsylvania Hershey’s
Rhode Island Ritz Crackers
South Carolina Salt And Vinegar Chips
South Dakota Milky Way
Tennessee Baby Ruth
Texas Funyuns
Utah 3 Musketeers
Vermont Muffins
Virginia Oreos
Washington Cheez Its
West Virginia Lays
Wisconsin Twix
Wyoming Sunflower seeds