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Hear Surfaces sing with Elton John on uplifting new single, "Learn to Fly"

Courtesy: Surfaces

As promised, “Sunday Best” duo Surfaces has dropped their new single “Learn to Fly,” featuring vocals and piano by none other than Elton John.

The song was recorded via Zoom, with the goal of creating a track that “will help the world learn how to fly again.”

“‘Learn to Fly’ is a song we started writing months ago right after putting the finishing touches on our third album Horizons,” the Texas duo says in a statement.

“After recording the demo, it was floating around and got into the hands of Elton who wanted to be a part of the track. After a series of Zoom studio sessions, we were able to record together from quarantine.”

“Working with Elton felt like the idea of winning a Grammy,” Surfaces continues. “He was so passionate and driven and we couldn’t have wished for a more effortless collaboration. We hope this song will spread love in a time when the world could really use some and inspire people to open up their hearts.”

For his part, Elton says, “It was so much fun working on a non-Elton record. These guys are terrific and we had a blast collaborating.”

In the verses of the song, Surfaces offers the comforting message, “If you’re lost if you’re broke, if you’re stuck on the road/You can turn it all around/’Cause we gotta trust in love.” 

Elton adds, “There is always something to hold on to in your life/Just keep that head up, don’t you worry, it will be all right.”

In the chorus, they sing: “All the broken people put your hands up high/If you lift ’em up, you might just touch the sky. All the lonely people put your hands up high/If you loosen up, you might just learn to fly.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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