Here’s How to Make $1,000 Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

While offers to make easy money by watching movie marathons have become a thing in recent years, some might find the latest opportunity a bit more challenging than usual. CenturyLinkQuote is looking for someone who can stomach 24 Hallmark Christmas movies.
The successful candidate needs to be over 18, a U.S. resident and a “lover of all things Christmas, from romcoms to family dramas,” the job description reads. The gig, which will require the viewer to send out updates on social media, pays $1,000 and a “Hallmark movie-watching kit,” according to CenturyLinkQuote.
Applications are being accepted at through December 6th.
While it’s obvious these things are staged for publicity, do they really work? What’s the corniest Hallmark movie you’ve seen?