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Here’s proof that Justin Bieber really *does* get his you-know-what from California

Courtesy Wonderbrett

In his hit song “Peaches,” Justin Bieber sings, “I get my weed from California.”  Now there’s photographic evidence that he actually does.

After returning from his weekend in Las Vegas, where he performed three times in 24 hours at the Wynn Hotel & Casino, Justin stopped by Wonderbrett, a newly opened cannabis store in Hollywood.  Photos and video show Justin browsing the store’s selections.

According to a press release, Justin purchased a whole bunch of the store’s signature fruit-flavored products, including peach fruit pureé edibles, and weed of various flavors, including candy, pineapple, orange and melon.

Wonderbrett co-founder Brett Feldman said that Justin spent over $1,000 during his 20-minute shopping trip, during which he said he appreciated how the stigma around cannabis is changing and asked many questions about its medical benefits.

It’s worth noting that Justin’s good friend and producer, Poo Bear, is an investor in Wonderbrett.

No word on whether Justin really does get his peaches out in Georgia, though.

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