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Imagine Dragons postpone Latin American tour due to Dan Reynolds’ health issues

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Imagine Dragons‘ Latin American tour, which was to have begun Tuesday night in Colombia, has been postponed while singer Dan Reynolds recovers from some health issues.

On the band’s socials, they wrote, “In our 12 years as a band, we’ve never had to cancel a tour (and could count the number of shows on one hand). We hope you guys know how hard it is for us to postpone these dates, and we plan to make it up to you soon.”

The message goes on to explain that Reynolds has been “struggling with hemorrhaged vocal cords and a [vocal cord] nodule” and has been told by a doctor that if he continues to sing, he could “irreparably harm his voice.”  He’s also “unexpectedly” sprained his knee and must wear a brace and undergo rehab.

“We just can’t give you the show you deserve right now,” the band concludes.  They apologize for ruining those who’d made travel plans to see them, and assure fans that refunds will be available for those who can’t attend the rescheduled dates, whenever they’re announced.

Imagine Dragon’s final show of 2022 was to have taken place November 4 in Mexico.

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