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Is a Taylor Swift stadium tour in the works for 2023?

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The last time Taylor Swift wanted to stage live performances to support an album, the pandemic forced her to postpone her plans, and then cancel them altogether.  But now, there’s word that Taylor might be plotting a return to the road for 2023.

As you may recall, Taylor’s Lover Fest tour, announced in fall 2019 in support of her album Lover, was set to include four U.S. shows, 10 European shows and two concerts in Brazil. But due to COVID-19, in April of 2020, she postponed several of the dates until 2021. Others, including a headlining appearance at the U.K.’s Glastonbury Festival, were canceled outright. In February of 2021, she called the entire thing off.

But Page Six is now citing “multiple sources” as saying that Taylor is going to come roaring back in 2023 with a “massive” stadium tour.  “Taylor has some really ambitious plans in place,” an insider tells Page Six. “She’s excited to get back on the road after such a long but fruitful break.”

“Fruitful” is right: Since 2019, Taylor’s released two new albums — folklore and evermore — and recorded another one, Midnights, that’s coming out October 21. She also released re-recorded versions of two of her older albums: Fearless and Red. All four of those albums hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Another source tells Page Six that several shows have already been booked for 2023, but Taylor’s rep didn’t respond to requests for comment. Stay tuned.

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