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It appears Doja Cat really is quitting music after all

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It appears Doja Cat might be retiring from music after all.  The “Say So” singer rebuked claims that she’s returning to music after making nice with her Paraguayan fans.

Last week, the Grammy nominee said she “quit” music after becoming embroiled in a nasty Twitter row with her South American fans.  They were upset she didn’t interact with those who gathered outside her hotel in the rain and for not consoling disappointed fans that the country’s music festival she was set to perform was cancelled.

She later declared music “is dead to me” and followed up with, “This s*** ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care.”

Doja apologized to her South American fans on Monday and, although she never addressed her previous comments about quitting music, it sparked theories that she wasn’t serious about the threat.

Well, it appears those theories were wrong.  When outlets began reporting she wasn’t retiring, she fired back, “yes the f*** i am.”  Doja didn’t elaborate, which only intensified fans’ reaction to the news.

While some fans begged her to reconsider, others insisted she still had more music to put out before she hangs up the microphone.  Some even told Doja she wasn’t allowed to retire until she collaborated with certain artists, such as Azealia Banks.

Eventually, one follower asked, “genuine question..what are you gonna do when you quit lol,” to which another commented, “prolly interior design.”

Doja has not reacted to anyone else since doubling down on her retirement claims.  

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