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Jason Derulo explains why he's back to singing his name: "I missed doing it…it feels good!"

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Back when he had his initial success, Jason Derulo was as famous for singing his name on all his hits as he was for the hits themselves.  He stopped doing it for quite awhile, but recently, he started again: You can hear him sing “Jason Derulo” at the start of his three recent singles, “Savage Love,” “Coño” and “Take You Dancing.”  So why did he decide to start doing it again?  He tells ABC News he just sorta missed it.

“You know, I think it just became, I guess, really nostalgic for me,” he says. “I wanted to get rid of it at a point in time because I didn’t like the fact that sometimes things can become so big that it becomes a gimmick. And I didn’t want that for myself at all.”

Jason felt that the name thing was taking the focus off what really mattered: His music.

“I wanted the music to shine and the music to do its own thing, so I stopped it for a while,” he continues.

He laughs, “But then after a couple of years, you start to miss certain things. And I think that’s what happened, is just, I missed doing it. And it feels good! It actually feels really, really good to do it again.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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