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Jason Derulo says his "new era" Adam Levine collab "Lifestyle" feels "next" to him

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Jason Derulo‘s new collaboration with Adam Levine, “Lifestyle,” is moving up the charts.  He announced the single as the start of a “new era.” So what does that mean exactly? Jason says it’s all about “elevation” and what’s “next” for him.

“I guess I picture my career as different eras, and every time I’m releasing a song, I’m thinking of…like, what happened in that time period and how I’ve changed in that time period,” he tells ABC Audio. “So I’m seeing this song as the beginning of the next one, and where I see myself going next.”

“Even the vocal quality within the song feels ‘next’ to me. I think the collaboration feels ‘next’ to me as well,” Jason adds. “So, yeah, it all just feels like a next chapter…an ‘elevation’ chapter.”

As for how Jason and Adam ended up together on the song, Jason explains that he wrote it with Adam’s frequent collaborator J. Kash.  But he says the idea of putting Adam on the track was, “an afterthought.”

“I was like, ‘Should I do a collab on this? If I do, then who would fit?’ And nobody came to mind except Adam,” says Jason. “I felt like if it was not Adam, it was nobody. It really felt like it was something like right up his alley.” 

And as Jason predicted, “Adam came and just killed it.”

Due to COVID-19, the two weren’t in the studio together for “Lifestyle.” In fact, they’d never met before, and they still haven’t.

“The only way I ‘know’ Adam is listening to his music since I was a kid,” explains Jason. 

Oof — hopefully that comment won’t make Adam, who’s got 10 years on Jason, feel too old.

By Andrea Dresdale
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