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Jason Derulo's got a three-part plan for his first new album since 2015


Over the past year or so, while becoming the King of TikTok, Jason Derulo has continued to keep fans supplied with a steady stream of singles. Now that he’s signed a new record deal, he’s ready to buckle down and make an album — his first since 2015.  He says he’s already got an idea for it — or, rather, three ideas.

“Y’know, there’s really no rules, and as the album starts to take shape –because now that’s where my mind’s eye is — I’m seeing the album in three different parts, Jason tells ABC Audio.

“I hear, like, an ’80s feel part. I feel there’s an island portion. And then I feel there’s like a rhythmic portion,” he explains. “So I’m, I’m doing the album with that in mind: I’m going to have, like, these three sections.”

But will the album also include all the singles that Jason’s been releasing lately, like “Savage Love,” “Lifestyle” and “Take You Dancing?”   Jason says he’s not sure, because he wants to give fans as much new material as possible, because he thinks that’s what they demand.

“Content is king,” he notes. “So, like I can pull in those records…which I think is awesome, right? Y’know, people know and love those. But [on] the other hand, it’s like ‘More new stuff, more new stuff, more new stuff!'”

“In this day and age, where you’re competing not not just against musicians, you’re competing against Netflix and TikTok and everything — you’re competing for people’s attention — I think, the more content, the better,” he concludes.  

So far, we don’t have a timetable for the album, which will be Jason’s first for Atlantic Records.

By Andrea Dresdale
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