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JoJo assumes the “Worst” in smooth new song

Clover Music/Warner Records

JoJo is her own worst enemy in her new track, “Worst (I Assume).” 

The lyrics find the singer keeping her guard up in a relationship to deflect any potential pain, armed with the assumption that the other person is going to do something that breaks her heart, so she’s constantly in defense mode to protect herself.

“And I know it’s confusin’/How I put you through it/My past and my scars/Still make it hard/I assume always the worst,” she confesses over a slick R&B beat. 

“Worst” is the first sample of the radiant vocalist’s upcoming EP, Trying Not to Think About It, that explores the topic of mental health and the many emotions that come along with it. 

“If you listen, I hope this project makes you feel seen, validated, not crazy, and hopeful that you won’t feel bad forever. You’re more in control than you think,” JoJo shares in a statement. 

Trying Not to Think About It arrives on October 1 and will be supported by a six-date tour launching on October 2 in JoJo’s native Boston, MA and concluding on October 11 at El Rey in Los Angeles.

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