Joyner Lucas Refuses to Talk to Tomi Lahren

Joyner Lucas will not sit down for a conversation with Tomi Lahren. Lahren texted Joyner asking for a sit down after Lucas called for her death in his latest song, “Devil’s Work.”

Lucas took to Instagram to explain why he is refusing dialog with the far-right conservative, “Speaking with Tomi wouldn’t be productive because she’s already talked to countless rappers about their views and feelings and all she did was sh__ on them.”

Tomi’s reaction to 21 Savage’s ICE arrest was deemed distasteful by the Hip-Hop community and her refusal to sit down with Charlamagne The God has proven that she doesn’t have good intentions when it comes to the culture.

“Her aim is to make us look crazy on national television. I’m not doing it. sorry, not sorry,” said Lucas.

Do you agree with Joyner’s reason for not wanting to sit down with Tomi Lahren?