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Julia Michaels describes the sweet JP Saxe moment that inspired “Lie Like This”

Clare Gillen

Julia Michaels’ relationship with JP Saxe has brought out a happier side in her music.

The singer, who collaborated with her real-life beau on the hit “If the World Was Ending,” says her latest song, “Lie Like This,” was directly inspired by a sweet moment they shared.

“The whole song started basically from a conversation that we had because I was trying to Spider-Man kiss him and he was like, ‘You’re pretty upside down,’” Julia told reporters backstage at the Billboard Music Awards last month. “And I turned around and he said, ‘You’re pretty right side up.’ And I was like, ‘I’m putting that in a song, my guy! You watch.”

And indeed she did — that exchange kicks off the song’s lyrics. So how did JP react to the deeply personal tune?

“He was very happy that I was writing a song about love and not a song about how awful of a person I am, which was great,” Julia joked.

Aside from being disgustingly adorable with JP, Julia’s been taking the time in lockdown to work on her debut album after three successful EPs. She tells People that about 90% of the album was worked on during quarantine and that the music will definitely reflect her “healthy” current relationship.

“I’m talking about love and I’m talking about growth in love and I’m talking about how good it feels to be in something that doesn’t feel toxic,” she tells the mag.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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