Justin Bieber and James Corden aka “The Food Dudes” Take Over Los Angeles

In a segment for James Corden’s Late Late Show, Justin Bieber and James Corden take to the streets of Los Angeles with their “Yummy” food truck.

The “Food Dudes” serve up fish tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches to raise money for the LA Food Bank.

As Corden struggles to drive the truck, Justin comes up with a “Food Dude” song and as people gather around the truck to get a bite of what Corden and Bieber have to offer, one girl puts Bieber in a scary situation.

“If I eat fish, I’ll die,” the fan said. Bieber assured her that he was making her grilled cheese on a separate grill and she had nothing to worry about.

If you had a food truck what type of food would you serve?

Justin also joined James in Carpool Karaoke.